"I'd rather pay extra for quality"

Používané zkratky

  • 1.1 = pait
  • 1.0 = male
  • 0.1 = female
  • 4.2 = 4 males a 2 females
  • 0.0.4 = 4 birds without sex determination
  • / = split (carries genes)
  • DNA = sex determination by examination
  • NG = grey
  • LB = lightback
  • CCFW = CFW (red eye)
  • RCFW = CFW (black eye)
  • F = fawn
  • BF = blackface
  • BB = blackbreast
  • BC = blackcheek
  • OB = orangebreast
  • FC = fawncheek
  • GC = greycheek
  • PC = palecheek
  • YB = yellowbeak
  • CH = charcoal

Zebra finch - exhibition

Youngs and breeding birds for sale!

Available mutations and combinations of grey, fawn, lightback, CFW, blackcheek, blackbreasted, blackface, redbreasted, palecheek, greycheek.

Price 15 - 65 eur/pc, discounts for larger purchases!

To contact me use the form below.

Diamond dove

Before moulting - 30 EUR/bird (they look like natural/sometimes white feathers, no sex determination)
After 1st moult/prepared to breeding - 50 EUR/bird (min. 40% white, with sex determination)
After 2nd moult/breeding birds yet - 65 EUR/bird (up to 98% white, with sex determination)

All will eventually be almost white, just like their parents.

Regent parrot

Thank you for your interest, there are currently no parrots available. However, more chicks are already moulting so you can reserve the colour you would like, use the contact form below!



"I look forward to repeat visits"

Can I book the birds?

Yes, birds can be booked up to a year in advance (so you can book the combination you need, for example). When booking birds that are already available for collection, a non-refundable deposit will be required according to the booking period.

Is it possible to deliver the birds anywhere?

Arrangements can be made for courier delivery to his pick-up points, or to the exchanges if I am driving. Collection is also possible at the larger Czech exhibitions.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, I do offer discounts for larger subscriptions and pairs depending on the quantity and species of birds.

Do I have to have my own transmission?

I prefer to receive my own transmission. When taking zebra or dove I can provide a box of appropriate dimensions. When taking parrots, you must have your own carrier!

How is the price of the birds offered determined?

The price is initially based on the species and then on the mutation or combination. Since I am also involved in show breeding, the price is also influenced by the quality according to the standard. Although some prices may seem exorbitant, I always try to match the individual. Prices are also based on the cost of quality care and feeding.

What if my bird from you dies?

This situation is definitely an exception, but it can happen because of the stress of transport or a new environment. I always treat the damage individually and after confirmation of the death, within two weeks after taking the birds, it is possible to agree on a refund or appropriate compensation.