Regent parrot (Polytelis anthopeplus)


Australian parrots have always been represented in my breeding. In the beginning, Corellas, cockatiels, varied and Pennant's Rosellae, Red-winged and Mountain Parrots. I kept rotating these species in my breeding until I returned to mountain parrots again in 2022, when I brought in two possible splitting males to lutino with natural females. In the first season, one of them proved to be a cleavable bird, unfortunately the lutino chick could not be raised for weaning. I now breed three pairs of these beautiful birds and look forward to more breedings. I would like to acquire other mutations of this species and in the future other representatives of parrots, not only Australian.

Mutations in my breeding

  • natural, lutino

How do I feed them?

  • mix Slaats for lovebirds (without sunflower), egg food Witte Molen, granules Perle Morbide, granules Serinus, calcium powder, Natur Humac, grit, fruit, vegetable, greens

How do I breed?

  • I have experience with breeding and rearing in outdoor aviaries 2x2x2 meters and in year-round aviaries - outdoor aviary 4x2,5x1,5 m (h x h x w), aviary 2x2x1,5 m
  • I provide wooden boxes 70x35x35 cm oriented in height with bedding of small chips, shavings and rakes